In Her Memory…

Wanda J Winterholer


As I said on my first post of the year, on May 11th: I have dedicated this year’s efforts to raise monarchs to my late and beautiful wife, Wanda, who fell in love with these creatures just as I did.  A month ago tomorrow, I brought the first eggs in and I had hoped that we could share this first hatch.

With her passing, I am honoring her memory by naming the first three adults after her:




Wanda Jean

Diamond Lil










So let me explain the names:

According to rumor, in the late 1950’s Robert and Terri Deck were listening to the radio when a song came on.  I don’t know who the artist was, but his song was the inspiration for the name of their first child, Wanda Jean Deck, when she was born Nov. 18, 1958.  I was fortunate to be the man who got to marry her in 1978.

At Christmastime 1985, Wanda gave me a modem for my Commodore 64 computer.  It was a year we had little to spend on presents and so we bought each other one gift and let the bulk of the gifts go to our daughters.  Yet, this small gift changed our lives when we explored the world of computer telecommunications, particularly Bulletin Board Systems (BBS).  And in this realm – and later on, on many Internet forums, Wanda became known as Diamond Lil.

In 2008, Wanda and I joined the virtual world of Second Life.  Wanda was instantly in love with this online world and soon became friends with many residents.  She became a hostess for many clubs in-world, a manager for the wonderful Cafe Casablanca and then began to become involved with in-world fashion.  In-world, she was known as Veronica Ogleby with her own blog

In all three worlds, Wanda was loved by all and is missed by all, and I cannot help but believe that 3 beautiful butterflies as her avatars is only fitting.

Forever I love you , always I miss you…



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